Affiliate Artists ~ Why Collaborate?

I am a true believer in what you give out, you receive – so by sharing and collaborating, we can all raise our true potential. I also believe that every one of us has special gifts to offer in this lifetime and we need to celebrate more of the amazing things that people create in this world!

When Worlds Collide

In 2014 I met a wonderful artist, Lillian Delevoryas. It was a chance meeting because her carer had seen my work on an art trail and told her about my leaf jewellery. She contacted me to purchase some pieces to send around the world to her nieces as Christmas gifts. Pendants were hence sent to Australia and the United States.

This meeting grew into a wonderful friendship where I helped Lillian to showcase one of her final collections of paintings in a special exhibition ‘In The Library’.

Aged 86, Lillian passed away 6 months after that fabulous exhibition, but I will never forget the special connection we had grown and what she once said to me.

“Sonya, beauty will change our world”.

“Sonya, beauty will save our world…”

Lillian was passionate about sharing beauty through art, but more fundamentally she believed that anything that lifted the Soul, and brought joy could change the hearts of people, influence communities and change nations.

The Artist Behind The Art

So inspired by my dear friend Lillian, I want to showcase some of the beautiful artwork I come across in this section of my website. It’s not just about the art, but about the artist behind the art and their true nature and Soul.

You will notice a common link as the group develops..a sense of appreciation for the wonder-full natural world we live in; a resonance with natural resources and how they are ethically used; and artist hearts filled with kindness.

The Beginning…

With these philosophies in mind, what better way to foster creativity, share learning and appreciate beauty in each other’s work. So here it begins…a place to share more beauty and joy starting with Sarah Swanek’s wood and resin jewellery inspired by the landscape in Edmonton, Canada.

Sonya & Lillian’s Story in Images