Hanging Planters

Porcelain Air Plant HolderI started making these unique hanging planters after being inspired by air plants. I loved how each air plant is so individual and unusual. Anything that housed such a unique plant, surely needed an equally unique container and one that somehow suspended time in space. Hopefully you will agree that these subtle yet distinctive pieces do just that.

Each one is carefully moulded using porcelain and fired to 1260 degrees and not one is the same because the making process is so spontaneous and free from control. The hanging planters are made from varying thicknesses of porcelain, the thinner ones being transparent if hung near natural daylight (from a window handle for example).  Sometimes I use lace to create a pattern in the porcelain, whereas others are left plain to accentuate the sheen on the glaze.  Colouration is unique to the individual piece. For example, oxides are used to apply subtle colour to some, whereas others are left natural white for a more minimalist look.

Air plants only need a light sprinkling or mist of water to keep them sustained, so these unique designs work perfectly in practise. These distinctive pieces of ceramic art look wonderful in any decor whether minimalist, rustic or country living style. The plants seem to love them too!

If you like the sound of this unique collection of work, please view more examples and purchase in my online shop.

Porcelain Nests

Porcelain Orchid Nest by Sonya Ceramic ArtSoon after I started make hanging planters, I realised that the organic form of folded porcelain would also lend itself nicely to table top plants. So, I started producing porcelain nests to house beautiful orchids, succulents and cacti. Many other plants can be nestled in these striking plant pots but I encourage you to use plants that require small amounts of water and plants that are light and delicate to mimic the nest form.

Each nest is made using porcelain, folded and convoluted into organic shapes. Some varieties are made by pressing lace into the porcelain leaving a delicate design, other nests are left plain to accentuate the sheen on the glaze. Porcelain is fired to 1260 degrees in my kiln so completely water tight.  I recommend however that only small quantities of water are used to water the plant, as some of the porcelain folds my have internal gaps and leach water. A saucer can be placed underneath if this is the case.

Equally ivy can work well in these nests and quite likes to be sprayed with water (as opposed to the soil being soaked) keeping it quite dry, as this is how it would exist growing around stone walls and tree trunks in nature.

Various sizes are available and I am always happy to take commissions so please contact me to discuss your ideas and requirements.

If you like the sound of this unique collection of work, please view more examples and purchase in my shop.

Leaf Tableware

Leaf Tableware by Sonya Ceramic ArtOne of my passions is strolling in the grounds of Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire and foraging for leaves. I’m also fortunate to have friends and relatives who are avid gardeners, owning shrubs which bare large and bountiful leaves.  My own Fatsia Japonica trees lend themselves perfectly to creating curved fruit bowls and trinket dishes. Whereas my mother-in-law gave me some wonderful Glory Vine leaves to make leaf platters pictured above.

This collection of work is made using a stoneware clay with grog inclusions which can be fired to 1260 degrees making them durable for functional use. Over time, I’ve formulated a glaze that works perfectly with copper oxide to produce a lovely natural green finish and when this is added on top this specific clay, iron speckles emerge which further enhance the rustic finish.

Each piece is unique as not only is the leaf impression one of a kind, the way the glaze reacts and matures in the kiln produces an individual finish. I welcome commissions for whole dining sets made from the same variety of leaves or different types depending on peoples taste. I am also able to make matching side plates, sharing platters, condiment dishes, coasters, tea light holders and serviette rings on request. I also produce the range in rustic green as picture above, white and gold for a more minimalist look and autumn reds which are popular at Christmas time.

I you would like to discuss options further please do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas. I am also happy to make a dining set from your own leaf selection. Or for currently available pieces please view more examples and purchase in my online shop.

Unique Leaf Jewellery

Full Moon Maple Pendant by Sonya Ceramic ArtMy Father has always loved gardening and while living in Almondsbury, at our family home ‘Lyndale’ for many years, he planted half an acre with wonderful shrubs, trees and in particular cultivated a beautiful collection of Acer Palmatum trees. Since moving home a few years ago he entrusted me with a few of these special acer trees which now sit happily in my back garden. Today, these beautiful trees are the source of inspiration for many of the bespoke pieces of ceramic jewellery I create.

When my late grandfather passed away we also had several acer trees planted at Westonbirt Arboretum as a commemoration, so you can see why these trees are so special to our family. I love to visit during Autumn to experience the stunning colours that transform from greens to sunset reds, oranges and yellows. These colours are mimicked in my work, a challenge to do them justice, but I do my best!

I use a high firing white earthenware clay to produce my jewellery so that the bright autumn colours can be acquired. Pieces are fired in three stages, firstly to 1020 degrees biscuit ware, then oxide and glaze is added with a second firing to 1055 degrees. Finally, platinum lustre is added to the edges and fired to 740 degrees.

Each piece of jewellery I make is delicate in nature, much like glass or Swarovski crystal jewellery so I always recommend treating it with care. If pieces are dropped on carpet they usually bounce, but please do not put them on above the bathroom sink as ceramic will shatter against a tiled or wooden surface.

I welcome commissions of any kind, so please contact me with your ideas, view more examples or purchase in my online shop.