Dan Barton in Studio

About Dan Barton and his Bonsai Creations

I first met Dan Barton at the Bristol Guild in March 2019 at his ceramic exhibition. As soon as I walked in the room I felt a connection with the way Dan creates. He moulds and transforms clay into beautiful organic and earthy vessels and functional pots. Each piece thoughtfully decorated with surface texture and enhanced with oxides.

I soon realised he was also a Bonsai expert and it wasn’t long before I was invited over to see his wonder-full garden. Needless to say, he is also inspired by nature so I’m so pleased to share a selection of his work with you.

It soon became very apparent why he resonates with this quote below:

“To touch my feelings, feel my touch”

Each of his Bonsai pot creations are oozing with sensuous and tactile love!