I’m currently studying an MA in Fine Art Ceramics at Bath Spa University where I am asking the question:

‘How can ceramics vessels become activators for well-being’

My research and making practise has been documented as part of the assessment process, so if you’d like to understand more about how I make, then please view my Research Practise Portfolio. This offers a deep insight into my making process, reflections, realisations and adapting my making process as I explore possibilities. For a lighter read, please visit my making themes page where I discuss elements of my making practise in the form of blogs.

You may also like to read my Theory and Professional Practise essay explaining why and how I intend on blending well-being energies with clay and inform my vessels with an intuitive language informed by nature. Here I also discuss the ‘dance’ between science and spirituality as a timeline in history, semiology and other texts and current thinking which have influenced my making and final body of work.