Sarah Swanek Enchanted Garden YEG

About The Enchanted Garden YEG

The Enchanted Garden is an Edmonton-based specialty shop which offers unique wood and resin jewellery handmade by artist and owner, Sarah Swanek. Sarah also works with polymer clay to create unique jewellery, terrarium and home decor as well as herb markers. Much like me, she is inspired by nature. So this is why I am so keen to showcase her beautiful work.

“Through a child’s eyes, everything is enveloped in a sense of awe and enchantment; from a flower blooming to dandelion seeds dancing through the air. The simple act of reconnecting with nature is calming and in itself, magical. I try to capture that sense of enchantment and tranquility of nature within my pieces in hopes of bringing its beauty and essences to those who wear them”.

“May these pieces bring you the same joy I feel when I make each one of them”.

Sarah Swanek