“Making within earth, with earth, satisfying some longing, belonging, origin voice; some people say that I have become nature’s translator…”

Since qualifying in my Masters in Fine Art Ceramics at Bath Spa University in 2023, I am focusing my creative spirit in two areas:

Firstly, to make bespoke vessels for wellbeing inspired directly by nature, forging an alliance between both commercial and wild clays and each one infused with Reiki (universal life force energy);

Secondly, to curate immersive installations, conjuring a well-being atmosphere for people to rest and replenish in; a ‘Haven‘.

During my practise I have developed an intimate connection with Mother Nature and my hope is that you feel this transposed when you hold a vessel, contemplate on it’s form and energy and come back to your own true nature when you experience ‘Haven‘.

Please explore my collections to get a better understanding of the various vessels I make and their functions.