Ceramic Activator Vessels

I create ceramic vessels as activators for well-being. I do this by exploring how universal life force energy (Reiki) can be transferred from nature into clay and then I respond to that alliance by making functional pieces for dwelling spaces and as tools for contemplation and meditation.

Holistic Making

As a Master Potter and Reiki Master Teacher, I’m motivated by how the healing quality of ‘outside’ (nature), can be brought ‘inside’ our homes and dwelling spaces.  In addition, I explore how markings taken from nature can form a visual bridge to create increased resonance and well-being by tapping into our intuitive knowledge and Biofilia.

My qualification as a Reiki Master Teacher allows me to entrain the clay to higher frequencies of energy as I shape it. The vessel then becomes a conduit through which the onlooker or user can connect more profoundly to the essence of nature and benefit from resonant energies via Quantum Healing.

In no way am I suggesting that my vessels are replacements for time spent in nature, instead they act as opportunities to intimately connect with nature while frequenting our homes and livings spaces. They provide an interlude in our busy lives, a moment to connect and remember…

Material Intelligence

Foraging wild clays has given me a deep insight into the voice of the mineral world. Although these natural materials are by far my preference to work with, I also consciously honour the synthetic forms we produce in the form of commercial clays. Consequently, I invite a dialogue between wild and manufactured, as after all, they all exist in our world and therefore have purpose.


Allowing these existing materials to speak to each other continues to intrigue me. I use different making techniques to encourage an alliance and see how they relate and transform over time. For example, raw clay changing in colour as water evaporates and draws minerals to the surface; cracks and fissures forming beautiful yet fragile assemblages; structural changes as the clay dries and creates unexpected reactions during the firing process.

Often I choose to throw and hand-build in layers, sprigging nature’s language onto the surface and responding in decorative spontaneous sweeps of slip. My constant, is my engagement with healing resonance as I make, allowing myself be lost and found in the process – connecting to something much wiser and expansive than my-self.

Masters Question & Research

During 2023, I extended by exploration by competed a Masters in Fine Art Ceramics at Bath Spa University where I asked the question:

‘How can ceramics vessels become activators for well-being’

My research and making practise was documented as part of the assessment process, so if you’d like to understand more intimately about how I make, please view my Research Practise Portfolio. This offers a deep insight into my making process, reflections, realisations and adaptations while I explore possibilities.

You may also like to read my Theory and Professional Practise essay exploring the ‘dance’ between science and spirituality as a timeline in history; semiology and other pertinent topics that have influenced my making and final body of work – a curated installation, called ‘Haven‘.