Every fern vessel or bowl I create is made using real ferns from the woods near my studio in Bleadon Village, North Somerset.

I press the fern into damp clay, responding to the natural curl of the Fibonacci sequence in nature and then carefully peel the frond away leaving the impression behind. This beautiful pattern invites me to use oxides and glazes to enhance this ‘echo’ of the plant and preserve it for longevity.

Every piece is one of a kind, with a unique code on the base, signed by hand with my ‘S’ logo. I also infuse each piece with universal life force energy to increase the resonant energy in the clay and ceramics. I do this by entraining to the well-being energies in the forest where the ferns were foraged, using my qualification as a Reiki Master Teacher. This means that wherever the piece is placed, it will emanate high resonant frequencies of energy, benefitting those who are near it, handle it or touch it. I hope you enjoy living with these unique pieces fusing my love for clay, nature, ceramics and well-being.

A selection of this work is available at A2 Gallery in Wells and Wildwood Arts Gallery in Dartmoor.