Reiki Earth Vessel by Sonya Wilkins Ceramics

Entraining Vessels With Reiki Energy Using Quantum Touch®

Acting As A Conduit

When I make an ‘Earth Vessel’ I entrain the vessel to the frequency of Reiki (universal life force energy), using a technique called Quantum Touch®. I’m able to do this because I am qualified as both a Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Touch® Practitioner.

Firstly, I tune into a dimension that sits between reality and a place of serenity, allowing universal life force to flow into my crown chakra, through my body and down my arms, reaching my hands. This energy then flows through the chakras in my palms and enters the vessel I am working on. An alliance is formed, Reiki is the actant, I am the conduit, the vessel the receiver.

Reiki Earth Vessel by Sonya Wilkins Ceramics

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee), means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ in Japanese. It’s an ancient method of natural healing used to improve health and enhance the quality of life. When universal life force energy is channelled through a Reiki practitioner into a client, it can promote balance and natural healing of the mind, body and spirit. This universal life force energy may also be described as ‘Chi’, ‘Ki’ or ‘Prana’ in other traditions. It is a totally safe, non-invasive method of healing which involves placing the hands on or near the body in order to channel and balance healing energy. It can be used on people, plants, objects…anything; because everything in existence is made of energy. Matter is essentially a visible amalgamation of energy.

Reiki PractitionerToday, Reiki is used as an holistic treatment for stress reduction, relaxation and spiritual growth. It’s also becoming increasingly recognised by the medical profession as a supportive healing tool for those being treated for cancer and other ailments. It can be effective in these instances because it supports the natural healing ability of the body and boosts the immune system.

I am trained as a Reiki Master Teacher and hence able to attune others to the healing energy of Reiki in ceremony. We are all able to channel Reiki, however those that choose to train in it, become more open to the energy flow, compared to the average person. With the addition of ceremonial symbols, Reiki practitioners can act as catalysts to a person’s well-being and encourage the body to raise it’s vital life force so returning the immune system to optimal performance.

What is Quantum Touch®?

This is a method for focusing the same healing energy (universal life force energy) using the law of entrainment. Starlings Murmurating by EntrainmentIn nature, we see starlings murmur-ate in synchronicity and fire flies light up together. Similarly, if we focus on raising our own energy field with positive feelings and intention, the object or person we are focusing on will mirror that raised energy. This means the practitioner never becomes depleted in the process of energy exchange as they are the ‘generator’ and the client or object simply copies in response.

Why Entrain Energy?

Since I experience first hand the benefits of using Reiki and Quantum Touch® with clients, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to blend the two worlds of holistic healing and clay (ceramics). Therefore, during my Masters in Fine Art course I posed the question ‘How can ceramic vessels become activators for well-being’; my intention being to offer vessels as conduits for meditation, departure from life, contemplation and a reminder of the healing power of nature.

Connecting with Nature Sonya Wilkins

This has taken me on a journey to understand how clay responds to entrainment, specifically Reiki and Quantum Touch® technique. Moreover I have delved into the world of wild clay, connecting with earth energies, understanding how nature and plants offer healing, forest bathing (Shinrin-yoko) and I’ve also ‘unearthed’ yet more self awareness as a consequence.

Mental Departure

Modern day life is busy, chaotic even. We all need replenishment from the fast pace, constant absorbing distractions and to find a way back to the present moment. My task is much like that of Abramovi? (2019, 24:37) when she was asked how one can walk in herMental Departure Amethyst ShoesAmethyst shoes, she replied “these shoes are not for walking. These shoes are for mental departure”.

My ‘Activator Vessels’ will be offering mental departure, back down to earth…for grounding, centring and balance. Even though you could also use them to contain, hold, eat from…their true function will be as a mindfulness tool.

It might even be that people hold my vessels or enjoy them from afar in their homes or environments and they act as nature portals – allowing a moment of connection back to source…

During my MA course, a fellow masters student held one of my vessels during a group tutorial and said:

‘I would love to be out in nature all the time, but I never get there, I never go there – although I was brought up in the middle of the countryside. It’s like you go out into the countryside and suck it all up and exude it all out for the rest of us’.
Annette Mcateer, 2023

Contemplation Vessel by Sonya Wilkins Ceramics



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