Reaching For The Skies Inspiration For Vessels of Well-being Sonya Wilkins Ceramics

Reaching For The Skies

The Wisdom of Trees

Trees have always enthralled me. They stand still like silent witnesses, looking at our chaotic lives, probably in astonishment.  They also symbolise so much more than their obvious beauty.Reaching For The Skies Tree Canopy Inspiration Sonya Wilkins Ceramics Stabilised by their immense root system, reaching far beyond the extent of their canopy, this enables endurance during any storm. Life flows through them, nourished by Mother Earth and this life energy ebbs and flows through the seasons – they respond by bursting into life and also retreating into hibernation to recharge. They know so much more than we do – they are wise, ancient beings.

Sonya Wilkins Ceramics Tree ConnectionHave you ever held a tree trunk around your arms…allowed your breath to synchronise with it’s heart beat?

You may receive a message…something resonant with your own heart, something you cannot ignore.

We can learn so much from them…they are guardians of the earth and many trees act as beacons calling to each other across the globe, connecting like an organic web.

Their branches reach for the skies in all weather, but during the winter months you can see their naked truth…this has inspired how I can translate life force energy into my vessels, both in form and decoration.

Energy Translation

My earth vessels take on the grounded quality of earth (having been made within earth); an origin point for this energy translation and flow. I then use sgraffito markings and slip trailing to mimic branch like patterns onto the surface of the earth vessel. This might occur on location or back in my studio depending on weather conditions.

Sgraffito Branch Decoration on Earth Vessel by Sonya Wilkins Ceramics


Slip Trailing Tree Branches on Vessel

I also enjoy experimenting with light tones and dark tones, to represent how tree branches can be silhouetted by sunrise and sunset in the passing seasons; my favourite time being winter, when the branches are exposed to show their naked pattern and beauty.

Sunset Branches Silhouetted

This is a time when the vitality of the tree can be truly seen.

Furthermore, the direction by which the branches grow and the flow of energy suggests a continuing quest to reach for the sky. This seeking, resonates with my ethos, how energy frequency can entrain to another entity. The tree is entraining to the sky…reaching for it’s ultimate expanse; maybe reaching as far as the cosmos.

Weaving Channelled Energy

Once the decorating is complete and the vessel is fired, I weave wire, indigenous grasses or willow through holes in the vessel (I made these holes earlier in the process before firing). This weaving provides another opportunity for me to channel energy, embody the branch behaviour of the tree…almost imagine I am a force growing through the branches as I weave; reaching for the skies.

The intention is to create am extension or ‘halo’ rising from the rim of the vessel upwards. These branch like tendrils act as channels for the life force energy to flow through. Metal wire acts as a conductor and grasses speak to the original location where I created the vessel. An agency is formed with all the materials used…all actings as originators, beacons, conductors and conduits so the final vessel can signify the source energy from Mother Earth and nature.

To watch short videos showing the making process of my earth and tree vessels please visit my instagram page.

Mother Tree Vessel By Sonya Wilkins Ceramics